Hey there. I'm a new guitarist and recently bought an acoustic guitar of craigslist. I've been looking up tabs and teaching my self, well kinda, and my friend who plays electric is helping me as well. So far ive learned the intro to One, the intro to Enter Sandman, Ironman, Monsters Intro and learning Island in the Sun. I was just wondering if there was a fast way to get the pads on your fingers. I've been hearing that it helps you a lot and that it makes it not hurt as much. Ovbiously the way is to keep playing through the pain, but I was wondering if anyone had any excersizes that would help?
You're talking about developing callouses, right? Ive heard that soaking your fingers in methylated spirits helps. I have no first hand evidence to back it up though.
Just play guitar and they will come over time.

But if you want a quick fix:

Eric Clapton said that the best method he finds to build calluses is to swab rubbing alcohol on the fingertips two or three times a day until the skin dries out and the calluses are thick enough to protect the fingertips. After that, the treatment can be repeated periodically to maintain them. The other, harder way to build calluses is to simply keep playing, and eventually you will have nice thick calluses.

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