so a friend of mine joined one of my lessons the other day and he said i played just like my teacher, we had the same style.

so i was wondering does this happen to everyone? do you think you play the same style as your teacher i would think this would be the case for most people.

also if you dont have a teacher, do you think if you got one now it would change your playing style?
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My teacher opens up alot of musical options to me. He tells me about people that I would never have heard of.
I don't have a guitar teacher, so I devolped my own style. Yeah.
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Nope, I play just about anything apart from what he taught me, 50's/60's rock 'n roll.
Definately not. he was a great player, but our styles are completely different.
Quite a bit
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Yes. I want to play the excact opposite of what he plays.
I only had a teacher for about 3 lessons but he introduced me to Rage Against the Machine and taught me some brilliant flea bass-lines from Red Hot Chili Pepper songs I never heard of.

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Nah He plays more folk stuff, which i like to play but my style is blues .
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Absolutely, he's taught me so much about jazz and altered/extended chords and such, I mean it's easy to learn chords from a chord sheet but applying them into your own music is something different. He taught me that and it's also helped me take out a lot of more advanced songs by ear.
I only took a couple of lessons and I developed some incredibly bad habits from my teacher, I fret powerchords and octaves with my index and pinky, so I find it very tricky to do runs and chromatics etc.
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I must say as a soloist not at all but as far as chords rhythms go yes

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My teacher is a versatile machine, so he doesn't have just one style for anything, really. But, I would say as far as rock soloing, yes he's influenced my style.
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I played classical first and it had quite an impact on my style. I harmonise a lot and hide arpeggios here and there to get a very full sound. So yeah, at least my first teacher influenced me a lot. My current teacher rather influenced my approach to practicing than my actual style.
Not at all. I always played how I wanted to, I don't really think he had that much of an effect to be honest.

He plays Alternative rock, I play Progessive metal and hardcore. He hates 7 strings, I love them.