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We've been together since late December, and have a pretty decent set-list coming together.

If you're in Perth, look out for us.

I guess our sound is kind of like Pavement or along those lines.
First things first - I'm loving the name.

I really like the sound of "ineedto", the bass and drums sound great together and lock really well. It's very catchy, but I recommend turning the vocals down a bit because they're a tad too loud. The only real thing that detracts from this is that I feel like it's lacking that "energy" which is hard to capture in a recording.

I like the way that "lovely hair" sounds, but the guitar part seems kinda off at some points. The bass sounds great - simple and effective, and the vocal melody sounds really good too. Once again, the track is lacking that energy that is so hard to capture in a recording.

"tinned sardine" - the best song name I have read all day. I like the vocal harmonies that were going on, and once again - nice bassline. Also, the guitar is slightly out which make the tune feel like it's lagging a bit.

Overall, the tunes had a lot of potential but they're lacking that energy. They need to be tightened up a bit, but after that I think everything will sound really good. I love how the bass and drums work so well together - it sounds great.

If you've got a chance take a peek at my acoustic stuff and let me know what you think here http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968
Well... you guys are prepared in case your space bar breaks.

Ineedto - Look up a few lines. As for the music, make your vocals more dynamic. The softness goes fine with the intro and just after the bridge, but once you get into the verse you might think about getting a bit more power behind your vocals. Also, the drummer sounds confused in a few areas, tell him (or her) to just be more confident with the rhythm.

Lovely Hair - I can't give you another excuse, just put more power behind the vocals. The guitar sounds great through most of it, but occasionally sounds like the strumming pattern makes about as much sense as throwing an elephant at the prime minister of Canada and missing. Maybe it's just me.

Tinned Sardine - Good dual-speaker effect, but, once again, more power is necessary. I liked the intro tune, but the guitar sounded a bit offbeat.

Overall, and I don't know if I've said this yet, SING MORE FORCEFULLY! You may notice I haven't said anything about the bass parts, and that's because I couldn't think of much to say; they're just dandy. The drummer seems mostly fine, and the guitarist needs to practice a bit more. Pretty good.

Note: All praise for the format of this review goes to Tsunoyukami, who I cannot manage to beat to a single thread.
Yeah, I think all the demos up there at the moment were done by the singer while he was really stoned, therefore my brother (drummer) and I (bass player) aren't on them, unless Filthy Leeches is still up there.

I'll be recording an EP of our stuff for a class this semester, so we'll have well recorded/mixed/mastered stuff up within 3 months or so.

I'll get around to visiting the two who cared to listen so far's stuff when I'm not quite so pressed for time (sorry if I haven't done so before, I just forgot about the thread).
you have a new band? i'll come back and check it out in the mourning...
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