Been playing guitar for about a year now , lookin for a band / buddy to jam with in the Coventry, Hinckley areas. I want to play along and learn some more from someone slightly better than myself. I am Currently self taught from the internet ( www.justinguitar.com and www.ultimate-guitar.com)

Like a wide array of music inc Foo fighters, Arctic monkeys, The Hoosiers, Green day, Iggy Pop, Blur, Dire straits, Queen, Bob marley and any music that you can listen to and hear the lyrics

I currently live in Hinckley in a detached house with a big garage so i have somewhere to alternate where we would play with only 1 neighbour to complain (although he is a banjo man and may come round and join in!)

I'm 33 years young, (tryin to stay young ) with wife, son and stupid big dog

Fav tracks that i play along to :

Sultans of Swing = Dire starits
Hotel california - The Eagles
Passenger = Iggy Pop
Times like these = Foo Fighters
Wonderwall = Oasis
Pulp = Something changed
House of the rising sun = Animals
Stay tonight = eagle eyed cherry
Dead or avile = Bon Jovi
Redemption song = Bob Marley
Dueling banjos = for my new neighbour

Any comments on where to learn more guitar for free please let me know,
If you are interested in hookin up to play mail me at craig.white75@ntlworld.com

I'll look forward to hearing from you

Many thanks

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