Here's my problem
i've been playing electric guitar for around a year now, and i've been practicing a lot recently, at least an hour a day.
i use an Ibanez GRG170 that was bought with a lot of defects, which i will list below:
-Oxidized and reversely wired input jack (i got a replacement though)
-Higher frets oxidized
-Slightly tilted tone knob
-Noise with some channels of the 5 way switch (when i mute the strings completely)
-Pickups that may not be screwed in low enough (someone fixed this for me, but not properly so i don't know if the problem is truly fixed)

so the thing is that when i play solos, i seem to get noise from with even the slightest touch or slip to a separate string. judging by the time ive been playing though, i can't tell if the problems lies with my technique or the guitar itself.
other factors causing this problem may be the fact that i set the distortion too high, though it seems to me that it's a fairly reasonable level (Boss MT-2, i set distortion knob to the middle or a tad lower)
after hours of practice, the problem seems to persist. i am urged to think that i have an over-sensitive or defective guitar, but then again i know that i haven't exactly been playing that long and sometimes the mistakes i make are fairly obvious, so i need some help here. thanks.
distortion will amplify your mistakes, even though some people say it covers it up. Turn the distortion down some and see if it still makes noises. If it doesn't make noises when it's, say, clean, then work on your technique some when distortion's on.

And btw, around here, 1 hour a day isn't a lot. You should see how much some people on here practice.
yea, i realize an hour a day is pretty much nothing, and i have done much more than that before.
anyway, i did try turning down the distortion, but the noise doesn't lessen until there's seemingly not enough distortion needed for playing the song.
though i know a part of my problem is technique, ive never seen anything on tips for playing cleaner notes. any suggestions? muting tips, etc?