Hey guitar forum,
I'm going to go check out a guitar I found on craigslist today. It's a 95 MIM Strat and I can get it for $200. My first question is how do the 95 MIMs compare to the new ones? Also, do you think $200 is a good price? If anyone can give me a website I can use to verify the serial number, I would greatly appreciate it. And one last thing, what kind of wear and tear should I watch out for on a 13 year old guitar? Some scratches and dings won't bother me, I'm more worried about how well it'll play and function. I'm definitely going to try before I buy, but I just want to know what parts/electronics will wear out over time.

Thanks a lot everyone.
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ive got a 95-96 mim strat. the frets are a little worn. but you can polish-finish-or replace them up for about $20 a fret.

look for dead spots on commonly played frets.

also you might want to swap out a pup or two.
that's preference but it's hard to find a strat that old with stock pups anyway.
unless he put them back in.

my MIM is one of my fav guitars.

edit: oh yeah go to resourses section on the fender.com site

should start with an M = mexico, and then the year N for "90"+ 5= 95.
then with 5 or 6 numbers after

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you can look up the number at fender.com and verify the year it was made
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