I have toyed around with a friend's condenser mic before and found it much superior for vocal recording and acoustic guitar. I don't need top of the line, but a want a good condenser that sounds better for vocals than this vocal mic i have.

I prefer something that is $100-150.
Samson C10U

I have one, it tends to pick up bass better than mid or treble, but for the price its very quality, all around useful. A lot of people i talked to before buying think you can't really use them for music, but they can be made to work well.
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I would say go for a Studio Projects B1


I've not used many condensers yet however I run an MXL 990/991 set and like how it sounds. It's also great for acoustic guitar.


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I'd personally take a Behringer over a Samson, but they're probably not that much different.

I'd probably choose a Studio Projects, Marshall, or Rode over any of 'em, though, for a little more money.

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Studio Projects B1 is a good choice. I have one, and get some really nice vocal and acoustic recordings out of it.
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for that price I'd try an Audio Technica AT2020, it's around $100 and decent quality for the price
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