I played and really like the mesa dual rectifier but if i had the chance to get a triple rectifier for cheaper, should i go for it? Do they sound very different from eachother?
What are the differences besides the wattage. A dual is a little out of my price range used but a used triple seems to be somewhat cheaper (on ebay).
any help please?
There really is no difference aside from the wattage, it shouldnt sound that much different. There is more of a difference in sound between a 2ch and 3ch rec than a dual and triple rec.
isn't a triple rectifier 150W?

do you REALLY need 150W? it's your choice, just wondering
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I wouldnt say they are the same thing, a Mesa is a Mesa and a Peavey is a Peavey, but try them all out and see which you like.
Dude, before you buy it, try out a Mesa Mark IV. That's what I have and it's the best amp I've ever played. Very versatile, can do metal, blues, and classic rock very well. I would suggest that before any rectifier.
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If your choice is between those two, and you can get a triple for cheaper, than I'd do that. You have more watts (even if you don't need them, they're still there just incase) and if you ever wanted to sell it, you could probably get what you payed for it, or more.
yeah they aren't the same. I think dude just meant that the XXX has that rectifier sounding tone. But the rectifier is still the original. Lots of amps have got their ideas from it. Including the XXX. I'd get the Mesa over the XXX but I would get the JSX over the mesa.