Hey guys.

I was just thinking, if you have a pedal board, and you have certain pedals that go in the fx loop, and other pedals that go straight from guitar to amp, how do you hook them up to their designated spots if they're on a pedalboard. Like would you just have the loop effects separate and have on pedal connect to the send and one to the return, and then have you're wah, tuner, eq etc. just connect to the guitar and amp? What I'm trying to say is, do the loop effects and non-loop effects ever connect?
Thanks in advance
effects SEND>modulation>modulation>effects RETURN
Thanks, I think I'm getting it. So basically, I'll need two long cables from the outputs of two modulation effects to reach the send and returns?
yes. Take it like this
the effects send is like the guitar, then the modulation's are like the effects (no duh) then the return is the like the amp. Thats how you want to wire it

^not an explanation of an effects loop.