Long story short, I'm going to India on vacation tonight and I will be carrying my phone just in case. For certain reasons I will need to carry two SIM cards with me, now I don't want the hassle of carrying two phones so I need to know whether it's OK to store the other SIM in a safe part of my wallet and put it into the phone only when I need to.

Will a SIM card be damaged by extended periods in a wallet?

I once bought a new SIM card (pay as you go) and it was already dead in the metal tin :S
they gave me a new one though
No it wont be damaged.
Where exactly are you going to be in India ???
i was expecting something about circuits :S

wrap it in a soft material and it will be fine
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So just wrap it in a tissue and keep in wallet? Good thanks guy.

footyz: I'll be spending the majority of my time in Pune and some time in Bombay