Ok.. This is killing me man, Im getting paint/finish supplies for my guitar on sunday, but i need to know what i should paint, Any ideas? :S
Its a strat style guitar with a pickguard, so..

The only things i came up with is EVH Stripes, Green or silverburst. But Bursts dont really go to well with a pickguard, And i need some ideas of what to paint :P

So, anyone know what i should do?
Something more original than EVH stripes??? if you aren't going for a classic finish, make it unique!
I know man, Thats what im trying to do :P Just cant think of what design or whatever xD
Just dont do silverburst, I'm doing that already

Swirls are always interesting. Or, if you really want to do a burst, you could always do a classic 2-tone tobacco burst, though its not really original looking. I've seen a thread around here where someone did a really cool duct tape thing. They just taped up the guitar and then clearcoated it, and it turned out really nice.
im doing a pedal board with food coloring...

kind of a green burst with some splotches of black in teh green for a semi-camo type look...

tung oil to follow...