If you can stretch that budget to $700, a Schecter Hellraiser would be a good buy ... or get a used one that fits your budget.
I'm not sure on how much they cost in America, but maybe a PRS SE Custom?
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a jackson/ESP you like thats in your price range
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I'm not sure on how much they cost in America, but maybe a PRS SE Custom?

thats exactly what I was gonna say. Really. Check out Opeth. Now imagine that tone, just slightly less epic, and cheaper to boot.
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prog metal is pretty broad term to use- are you thinking like DT type stuff? If so an Ibanez might be the obvious option...

The PRS mentioned wouldn't be bad, nor would a nice LTD or whatever- you've got to choose what would suit you and the progressive elements of you're band...no point getting some low to midrange BCRich type metal machine when you are relying on a lot of clean tones, for example.
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I would say a PRS SE or maybe the Allender model which I've heard nothing but good things about for cleans and dist. Ignore the fact hes in Cradle of Filth as thats pretty irrelevant.
The only guitar this good for prog metal is the one you like; all kinds of people have used all kinds of guitars for the genre so find one you like the tone of and are comfortable with and that's the one you need.

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