Hello. So for my first tube amp i decided to buy a mesa boogie triple rectifier.

Im having a hard time Equalizing it. Thats my first problem.

I have a question though.

In the back of the amp there are nine tubes. The 6 jj's light up.

the remaining 3 tubes are mesa rectifier tubes. One of them doesnt light up, and doesnt seem to get warm at all. I assume this tube is blown out.

How much is this affecting my tone ? What should i do ?

Yes Im New at this.. so please be gentle.
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Well if one of the rectifiers is blown it won't matter if you either
-Use the SS Rectifier or
-Don't push more than 100w out of the amp.

Probably, that's just an assumption of what'd happen but I don't think they'd supply enough currect. Probably worth replacing it though if it doesn't light at all.

And just keep playing with it. You need to know what tone you want out of it first... Probably not the best idea for a first tube amp to be honest.
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set all the knobs at 5, besides volume...and tweak from there.
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