Hey, this is my first time posting my lyrics anywhere. I have always felt that writing a song is something that cant be learned by reading a sticky somewhere or whatever. It's something you just do on your own. Naturally, some will like it, some wont...but theres no reason to change for anyone else. That's the beauty AND the point of music. It is YOU.

Anyway, this is just an old, short song I wrote after me and my friend were joking about how some older friends we had used to sniff spray paint for a high when they graduated in the 90's. We were just talking about all the crazy things kids used to do during that time period. I had the typical late teenage "I don't know what to do with my life after graduating" syndrome so I kind of wrote a song about that whole outlook. The last line indicates what kind of persons point of view it is coming from (a kid growing up in the 90's).

now at last i've found a way
found a way to keep this pain
inside of me inside my brain
way too much to contain
uncertainty can be my name
i waited all my life
just to figure it out

clocks tick at the speed of sound
sound off now
nobodys around
to see you fight back at their ways
so many ways you can behave
but all will lead you to your grave
grave is the choice you've made
dont you let them rule your life

I dont give a **** about tomorrow anymore
it doesn't hurt me to say that now
I don't know who I am and I never had a plan
as the spraypaint makes my head light

there was supposed to be more but I never finished it then. The chorus was supposed to have a second part matching the first. Im just not in the right state of mind to finish it now. I think it'll just have to stay as it is. There are a few trick lyrics/lines thrown in there. Im not sure if you guys normally point them out on this forum or what? I'll just leave it as is...they are obvious to me but somebody else might not get it at all.

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