I received my first acoustic guitar (Guild GAD 40CE) a few days ago and I've been playing electric for about a year now. The reason I bought an acoustic is because I wanted to achieve the warm sound which an electric can't give. So I decided to learn one of my favourite classical-like songs. "To Zanarkand" by Nobuo Uematsu, it's just great and I love playing it. Anyway, my question is, are there any similar songs to that song that is reasonably playable with my "one-year experience" to the guitar?

I searched in all the song threads about this but I couldn't find anything. To make a long story short. I want an epic song that has a lot of feeling and emotions and that isn't impossibole to play.

Thanks in advance
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I thought To Zanarkand was by Nobuo Uematsu?

And any song in Final Fantasy has emotion and feeling.
haha, sorry for that, ofc it's Nobuo Uematsu. Hironobu is the maker of FF-series.
Try Suteki da ne(not sure bout translated spelling) its similar in a way and sounds pretty nice on the guitar adaption, though different from the mainstream one.

Try other stuff as well like 'stairway to heaven' and even metallica's 'nothing else matters' is pretty good with an acoustic finger picking style.