ok, so I just recently started to learn how to play electric guitar and, so far I haven't yet become very proficient, but it has only been a couple weeks, so in due time right?

any way I have started to download some tabs offline and I have seen some more advanced ones (gunna take some time b4 i can even touch those) and I've seen a pattern that I can't figure out

it looks like this:


how do i play both the E and D strings at the same time, without hitting the A and does this pattern have a name?
try playing this chord as you would play a power chord, but lift ur finger slightly of the A string so u are muting it as u strum
well for something like this you can do one of two things. you can pinch the two strings with your fingers although you probably dont want to do this if the rest of the song requires a pick but you can try. The second method would be to simply mute the A string with one of your fingers and just strum it. good luck at learning electric guitar.
wow that was quick

thanks for the fast replies.

thats what i thought i was supposed to do but I assumed if i was supposed to mute it, there would be an x on the A string
sumtimes people are too lazy to put the X in, but if its deliberate, you could try fingerpicking both notes together...
mute the middle note or just pluck with your thumb and first finger......just some advice...it is best to start out learning acoustic guitar because if u get good on an acoustic then u would become an expert on an electric...just because electrics are easy to play
Thanks for reading this... Ladies
first I totally agree with the guy above me. I played electric for three years, getting pretty good, but when I got my acoustic I kinda sucked ars real bad and it was like starting all over again.....word to the wise ...we all suck at first, better to learn the hard way.

As for your question like the masses said before me

Chicken pick .....like first and thumb
or mute it out and strum it proper like. Depending on the song you could just add it in like:

Most of the time the parts too small or obscure to even notice the difference