Decided I'm going to sell this off. I've had it tucked away in my parts box for years without finding anything to use it in.

If you note in the first picture, I had an accident with the soldering iron towards the end of the leads. I accidentally melted some of the plastic on a few of the wires when I uninstalled it (not my proudest moment with a soldering iron). The good news is that if you snipped those areas away, you're still left with a little over 6" of usable lead which is plenty for a bridge humbucker.

Pics show what it comes with. Just the pickup, and the Bill Lawrence wiring instruction/schematic.

Price is $40 shipped with payment by Paypal (no e-checks), or money order. Shipping method would be first class mail. Currently only looking to sell.
I would be willing to swap for a EHX Big muff fuzz pedal if anyone is interested in that. I'm also looking for a JJ EL84 tube as well as a 12au7/12at7 preamp tube for my Epiphone Valve jr amp.