Drop C is corny nowadays. No one can come up with some original ****?
well it uses similar notes, but to me it doesnt really sound like that song, haha. Cuz i have messed around with that song, the only thing similar is the slide from 5-6, but after that it would look nothing like it in tab form.
k nvm, listened to it a few more times, and i guess it does a lil in the beginning of that single note part, but, it wasnt planned to end up that way, sorry. lol. Guess when people have been playing guitar for how long? stuff will end up sounding like other stuff quite a bit...
It happens to me, too. Not a big problem, cause you cannot do very original stuff nowadays It's like almost every melody has been played already.
yea and my experience in metal is limited, lol...well my guitar experience is for that matter, haha...but yea, i mean most stuff is in some way probably already been played similarly somewhere sometime...hell even "pro" bands i hear them do stuff that sounds like other songs ive heard before, with a lil altercation to it.
Well i suggest you to do what I do. It's to keep trying, and practicing! Lol. What else could I do? Good luck!
I really like it, I think its got a lot of potential to become a full song. It like... switches from being heavy alternative to metalcore. Good job