Hey all, im helping a very new guitarist kinda get more in to guitar, they have only been learning chords. Now they seem to be getting bored so i offerd they come over and we jam, but i dont know which songs to choose, i need songs that are made up of these chords


Any help appreciated thanks.. (type of music doesnt matter that much, but older classic rock or like more well known stuff appreciated. thanks)
Uhh, if you were learned EM you could play songbird by oasis which is a damn good song in my opinion, it's short but I like it, the whole song is just EM then to g, on each change add a f# bass note into on the top string.
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Well, if you teach them G and F as well, then you have millions of choices.
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They can probably learn G pretty fast (they might know it tey didnt mention it tho) and F i can work it out, i just want to give them something they can work on and have some fun with you know
I'd definitely teach them G now. You add G to that list and you can play hundreds of songs.
ok, if i add G in their what songs would u guys recommend?
If you want to teach them finger picking try Green day - time of your life, might be a bit hard though, slow it down a bit.

Generally there's quite a few chart songs which are just major chords, well that's what it's like in Britain anyway, take One republic, that leona lewis - bleeding love, they're rubbish songs, but easy to learn and teach on guitar and people know them.
What I want in my rig (Bold = gear I have):
Ibanez SZ-520QM
Vintage VECJ100BK
Epiphone Dot
Laney VC15
Boss GE7
Boss SD1
Zoom G2
definatley teach the G. all of these are good beginner songs in my opinion, just might not be the exact chords; more like easy variations.

you and me- lifehouse
breakfast at tiffany's- deep blue something

if you get yourself a capo-
slide by the goo goo dolls
collide- howie day
wonderwall- oasis
you're beautiful- james blunt

get them to learn those, and they will feel much more advanced
Legal Matter by the Who, minus the intro.

A lot of Johnny Cash songs revolve around that A-D-E business. Walk the Line & Ring of Fire do I think...

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knocking on heavens door (GnR) - G D C Am

Mr tambourine man (Dylan) - D A G Em

Wild thing (Troggs) - A D E G

bad moon rising (CCR) - D A G

Truly madly deeply (savage garden) - D A G

with or without you (U2) - G D Em C

when you say nothing at all (Boyzone) - D A G

wonderful tonight (clapton) - G C D Em

endless love (lionel ritchie) - C A D E

Freshman acoustic
clapton and johnny cash have some simple chord changing songs
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