hi i'm playing e-guitar for about 3months and now i bought the mg 15 dfx from marshall and i was asking myself how to get the settings that it sounds like billy talent could u help me plz?
volume 1-10

gain 1-10
volume 1-10

bass 1-10
contour 1-10
treble 1-10

digital fx
reverb 1-10
delay 1-10
chr (?) 1-10
flg (?) 1-10
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you're not gonna sound like that with a mg dude xD
just keep gain pretty high...and work the eq setting by yourself cause there is no good eq setting on a mg...I doubt some 1 has a decent one as well.
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by the way what amp should i buy to sound like billy talent?

Depends. How much can you spend?
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okay thx
and what can i sound like with a mg?

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