Looking for a good rock singer in the Minneapolis area, Andover to be exact. Someone who can belt it out if need be, possibly along the lines of Josh Todd or Nic Chester. Everyone in our band is 15/16, so anyone in their teens would pretty much be welcome.

Our current singer is our guitarist, and that is NOT working out very well. An ability to write vocals is definately important, but we all contribute, so it wouldn't be your sole duty.

Stage presence is very important, too. We don't want a zombie singing out songs, which are pretty fast in the first place.

Definately a classic rock vibe in a lot of our songs, so some older influences would be fantastic. Guns N' Roses is an all around band favorite.

We've got a Myspace (myspace.com/sunsetdrag), and we have a few songs up, but the vocals will probably make you cringe. We'd love to hear from anyone interested, so feel free to speak up. We hope someone can help us out.

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