hi i recently got my guitar set up with larger guage strings, when it was done i brought it home and was quite pleased but upon further inspection i found that on the 15 fret on the g and b strings their is a noticable harmonic in the background when i play the note

i took it back and they checked out everything on the guitar, the action, bridge, saddle, anything that oculd mess with it

they said the only thing it could be is the frets, and they suggest that i go to some dude to get them fixed

3 things

this only started happening after the set up so im wonder if its the guitar tech's fault

should i take it to this guy and get it fixed

what are your thoughts on the situation

btw the guitar is an ibanez sa36 (very decent guitar)
nope. it's your fault for getting heavier guage strings. you should get the frets dressed and evened. it goes for about 80-150 bucks depending on whether it's done by hand or robot. the frets dont come evened i believe.
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