ive been struggling with pull offs for some reason. i asked a few days ago the best way to do them, and people here said to basically flick the string downward (bringing your pull-off finger toward your palm). it seems easier to flick the string upward (extending my pull-off finger). is this not a good way to learn pull offs?
any tips/vidoes to maybe help? thanks
hmm that's realy wierd. don't think i've ever heard of anyone doing a pull-off like that, but i can't see the harm in doing it that way. i sincerely doubt it will limit your ability to get better at the guitar, so if doing it that way is more comfortable and you can do the pull-offs well then by all means you shouldn't change it.
If it works, it's all good. I usually pull off downwards myself, but so long as you're not hitting other strings when you do so, there's no problem.

However, I don't know how easy it'd be to learn to tap flicking upwards , and I don't think it'd be pretty if you tried tapping downwards with upwards pull-offs.

But it's down to you; be warned that you might have to come back and learn to pull off downwards later if you stick with upwards for now.

Tips-wise, I've not got much to say but practice. Once you get the motion down it's second nature.
the problem with hitting the string underneth is this - my finger only has so much room to go; its basically brushing against the string below it as is so whe i pull down there no way of avoiding hitting the string under it. anyone have a video of this so i can see the technique?
Yeah its mainly personal preference, I Sometimes pull off upwards on the high e and sometimes I like to flick up with my pinky, altho I always tap and pull off upwards.

You can try a few things to avoid sounding the other string, 1 would be working on making your pull off more subtle so you finger doesn't travel as far, this will come with practicing it and 2 would be to stop your finger so its resting on the other string and dampening its sound.

You could probably find some pull off videos on you tube, heres one


the first example he exaggerates the movement and hits another string, but pay attention to the other pull offs he does, the movement is more horizontal than vertical.

Hope that helps.
thanks. is the motion more of a "pluck" or more of a "drag off the string"?
Place your finger on a fret and simply lift it off, you will hear some sound, gradually apply more pressure downwards as you lift off until the string kind of pops as you release, keep fine tuning it and you will find the motion you are looking for.

And Browse You tube for more videos Im sure theres hundreds of them.