I want a good acoustic electric from Guitar Center, but I'm not really sure what would be the best bet. Not looking to spend over $600.

My current guitar is a Jackson .

Any feedback on a good sounding acoustic electric guitar would be great.
i have a dean that works very well..

im not so sure how much an acoustic electric seagull is but they sound amazing(my brother bought one for like 400(non electric) i recomend tryin it out before buying tho, the next is different, i wasnt a big fan of it, but my brother never even hardly noticed the difference so its just a feel thing
^ I have 2 acoustic/electric Seagulls (one 12-string, one 6) & love them. People have commented about the neck width, but for me it works out perfectly cause I have man hands

Price range is pretty shifty with electronics unless you go with the Seagull S6 which is still a great guitar for the money.

The one that I have is the Seagull Perfomer CW, it's a bit pricier but I love it. It sings! The tone is wonderful. I somehow managed to get that for $350 on clearance though- a pretty sweet deal.

Also, a lot of people around here mention that it's not hard to hook up external electronics, and much cheaper too- that way you can spend a bigger bulk of your budget on the guitar rather than electronics. Check out the sticky thread at the top of the forum for more info about setup.
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