To much dismay, the mildy successful (188 replies and over 2,109 views) anti-Valveking thread has been closed. So it's time for another thread. This time I would like it to be a little more less biased and a little more formal. I'm not trying to make a bashing thread, but rather a thread where we all can be either for, against or neutral to the topics. I'm looking for serious thoughts and reasons on subjects posted.

So let's start this thing. I have a strong dislike for Guitar Center. Not so much for the fact it's the Walmart of music centers, but rather all they have is either over priced high-end equipment or low/midrange mediocore junk. Not to mention all the fifteen year old kids ruinnign around. It's good if you need something on the fly but if you want something other than usual amps and guitars mentioned on this board.
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a little more less biased

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I'm proud to say I've never been inside a guitar center. Small shops are much better to deal with, for the most part.
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UG probably argues enough about things without a set thread for it. This thread could turn ugly.
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there are already enough "i dont like guitar center threads".
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GC was just one topic. Here's another, not much a fan of B-52 amps. I don't liken them to MESA. They're not really durable. Their tone is horrid. Their gain is harsh, their clean is sterile and lifeless. The quality is terrible. They use POS parts.
ok, lets discuss this.
i dont really think this thread has a real purpose. but hey, thats just my opinion, right?
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It was like a orgasm in my ear.
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and what's wrong with 15 year olds?

the nerve of them, being born 15 years ago and all. Eck. they disgust me. Why would they be so young?!?!?!?
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It was like a orgasm in my ear.
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Sam Ash is only different because they're staff is known for being nicer and less people know about it imo. Guitar Center carries Schecter though.
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