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Wow, this song took me a very long time. It has minor flaws because it really cannot be expressed through Midi, but hey you have to use what you have. This work though, I am very very proud of and I really hope you guys can take a look at this. If you don't have a lot of time, at least skip to the end it really is EPIC.

This song begins with a nice piano intro, giving you a taste of the theme that re appears in the epilogue of the song. Then it breaks into the metal/rock section with a very catchy chorus and harmonized solo. After that the song shifts back into the beginning theme re introducing it slowly until finally its just all out harmonized arpeggio madness.

I will gladly C4C so check it out
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Well, lemme just say this, THAT WAS AMAZING! the only part i didn't like were some really weird piano chords that i dont' think sounded very good, but that was way cool, you had a second guitar play'n the 3rd which sounded really nice and harmonized, the solos were epic, and the bass and drums fit along so well. But there were some really awkward piano chords that just didn't fit. so with all that being said, im gonna give you a, 9/10. This was really really cool. its a shame im the only one to crit it so far.
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Once again, great work. The riffs were all great, and the beginning and end are quite epic.

One issue though. I think there are times when it comes off as rushed, and just needs to SLOW DOWN. Some of the riffs sound a bit too fast some times. Other than that, perfect.
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That was very good. It sounded very power metaly to me. I really liked the piano Intro even though at first it reminded me of a Porcupine Tree song. I also liked the arpegios you put over places like 98-100. Some of the transitions are kind of weak like the one at 84-85. I didn't quite like that one but thats probably just taste. The switch at 170 really interupts the flow for me. I think something sronger would do the song as a whole more justice. The arpeggios at the end are ace as are the solos near the end. A very well put together song.

Crit mine?
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Ya I really couldn't figure those piano chords out, theres those two measures that just irritate me but I really am new to writing piano parts. Thanks for the crit though.
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Its awesome.. sounds a little like X-Japan...
Keep ut the awesome work man
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They are a huge inspiration for me, so ya awesome
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Thnx a lot for your crit on orange martian

Well this song was kinda cool. Definately not the type of music I would listen to, but it was kinda catchy.

I really don't have any complaints about it, it was good, just not exactly my style. Only complaint is that the keyboard intor and the distortion guitar parts are in different keys. And some of the harmonies near the beggining of the distortion part sound kind of off.

But its a cool song and I'm sure with real instruments and vocals this could be really badass. I'll say 8/10 only because of those complaints above and the fact that it's not really my style. But still, really good job, I like all the ideas.
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Hey mate,

That was a really good peice! This isn't the type of music I listen to, but I think you've done a really good job with it.

It has good flow and the riffs fit together very well.

One thing though - at 4:16, when the piano fades in th guitar out, I feel it is too stark a contrast to the rest of the song - like it's too different to the pace and loudness of the rest of the song. Maybe if the piano began before the guitar faded out? Then as the piano played, the guitar faded?

I dunno mate - just my 2c - but a very good job nonetheless!

Well done,

btw if you get 2 seconds can you critique my song


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