I Was looking at cabs and this poped up which i havnt really heard any talk about and it was quite cheap and has celestion speakers in it, but its weither its any good or not because for the price i cant see it being amazing.

im currently running a VK head through two 1x14 speakers i managed to pick up for free but arent the best, they were originally used to play music through at a bar i beleve.I play mostly blues, classic rock and heavy metal (moderner stuff) so i need somthing that can handle alot of distortion but can keep clean with a fair bit of volume.

basically im saying are these really actually any good or just cheap crap?

EDIT: Sorry forgot to put link in :P: http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/76156
what celesions and what cab brand is it. The construction of cabs matters the same as the speakers.