Hi, well, there may be a thread on this somewhere, but after searching for a good 30 minutes, I didn't find what I was looking for. -_-

Anywho, I recently decided to learn Ocean by John Butler, so my guitar is in C Open now, any other good fingerpicking songs I can learn while in this tune?

Thanks, but not quite what I'm looking for....

Alright, well, let me change the question, what's the most popular tuning for fingerpicking songs from artists like Antoine Dufour, Andy Mckee, John Butler, ect...?

I'm really starting to get into fingerpicking and I hate changing tunings back and forth so I'm trying to find a good run of songs I can learn and stay on for a while.

Thanks again.
i think andy uses dadgad alot but he has weird combos with capos on 4 strings and stuff liek that.