This is a bit long so stick with me here..

I remember I used to be the nice guy. You know, typical never get laid, always treat women with respect, not afraid to show my feelings, blah blah blah. That was a few years ago. Now I'm 17, and since I was 16, I've been turned into this guy who just doesn't put feelings into a relationship no matter how much I like the person, because I feel like everything I say is just so...fake.

You see, if I were to act like myself, you know, to be the nice guy all over again, I would scare away the girls because most of them just don't want the nice guy. Believe me, I've tried. Nice guys are boring, and scare some girls away easily. But being the "dominant male", slightly jerky but funny, and the " I-don't-give-a-**** " attitude type of guy gets the ladies ( well in my case ).

Now here's the problem. Being the way I am right now, girls never really get to know the real me because if they did...well, yeah. But being the nice guy never got me the ladies, EVER. But I used to be able to fall in love with someone when I was a nice guy, and I want that back.. I only had 1 gf when I was a nice guy, and she was amazing. Circumstances happened, she moved, etc..

But every girl I've been with since I turned the way I am now, just doesn't feel the same. I mean they could fall in love with me, but never the other way around. How would I go about fixing this?

P.S. Sorry if I sound all emo about this kinda stuff, believe me, I know relationships aren't a great big deal, but this is currently a little important to me. And also, I didn't post this in the relationship thread because it's more of a personality/character problem than a relationship problem.
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