What do you guys know about spectors? Are they any good? Im looking to get a five string so i can start learning to play the bass (i play guitar) and im thinking of getting this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Spector-Legend-Classic-5String-Bass?sku=517436

So are they any good or is there something better than it in that price range or cheaper? Keep in mind i want a bass that would be good for intermediates because i dont plan on buying a new one for a long time. Max price is 600.
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Spector fan girl says buy the Spector.

Seriously, after trying a **** load of 5 string basses I was going to buy an Jazz V 24. And then my local shop starting carrying Spectors and I tried a few of their 5 strings. Even on the lower end of their line, the tone, esp. the slap tone on those basses is amazing. I am saving my pennies for a 5 string Spector.
They don't really do it for me, but they're decent instruments.

I wouldn't advise starting bass on a 5er though.
Spectors, for me, are too blah.

The ones I've played have had crap tone, and an extremely odd feel to the body. That might have just been the amp though (for the tone).

Basically, try before you buy!
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Best bass I've played was a spector. My buddy bought one a couple years ago.
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Just amazing instruments... Probably the most underrated brand out there... Most stores i know don't carry them which is a shame because they have an amazing tone and feel to them.
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They are great basses. I personally do not like mine because the two things it is best at (slap and metal tones), I never use.
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Spectors are great and highly regarded by most on this forum
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Despite being a guitarist, I messed around with one of these at a local music store. The finish on the one I played was amazing, it was flame maple stained gray with a satin finish and it was unbelievably smooth to the touch. My only complaint is that it was made in China, and I just don't trust Chinese made guitars. The knobs on it were cheap plastic and popped off easily, and that made me very weary of the brand. But, I'm pretty sure their USA and higher quality import models are great basses though.

That satin flamed maple finish makes me want it just thinking about it...
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I own a Spector Legend 4. It has EMG-HZ J and P pup configurations and an active tone jr. circuitry. I absolutely love it. It totes the flamed amberburst with gold hardware. The gold tends to fade, but it actually looks better that way. This is a pre-2005 Legend, which means the knobs are hex nut secured and the saddles can be changed with the strings fully tightened (think of it like a Fender bridge, but not as bulky). I would recommend this bass to anyone looking for the range of a Schector, but want a smaller body. But my advice to you... try to find a Spector with HZ's. The new SSD models suck and don't provide that punchy tone.

Good luck!
i can never understand this sort of thread.

you like the sound of the bass? yes
you like the feel of the bass? yes
you like the look of the bass? yes

then buy it and bollocks to what everyone else says

if no to any of those questions then look elsewhere
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Spectors are pretty damn good. I have a Legend 4, and for a low-end Spector, it is brilliant. It has an awesome slap tone and is well-built. The only whine I have with Spectors is that the neck is like a tree trunk, but hey, you just have to adapt if you're used to playing a Jazz or a skinny-neck bass.

Just make sure you try before you buy because they aren't for everyone.
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Neck of a tree trunk? i have the same bass, and i've been playing a Fender American Standard Jazz for over a year. I bought this bass 2 weeks ago and its neck is nothing close to a tree trunk. If you want tree trunk, play a Warwick. I like the tone, but the neck on all the Warwicks i've played are extremely chunky and makes me go blagh.

To stay on topic i've played this bass and it is awesome. I have a legend 4 classic and its amazing.
I love my spector, check out the Show off your bass V2 thread to find it (about 3 pages back). I've never tried another bass quite as good, they seem to be my favorites now. I suggest the Legend in your case, you can't really go wrong with it. It's a tie between that and a Schecter Stiletto (the best model you can afford). They're quite close, to be honest.
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