Anyone ever thought about the fact that those late 70's-early 80's artists (not talking about the hair posers, speaking of the Crüe, Guns, Ozzy etc, you know the drill) were there to give people a view of something else than everyday trash ?

I mean, today's mainstream music is way more axed on intensifying our everyday paper's topics, so much that I'm sure I'm not the only one not finding it entertaining. And by speaking of mainstream I hope you don't think that it always meant pooly-written stuff, some pretty solid rock came out of the 70's and the 80's radio & TV shows.

What if the entertainment swiped its colors again for the ''socially disconnected'' card ?

Maybe it's just a punk side of seeing things, but seriously, society is havin' a bad name for itself, seeing all of its trash getting themselves crowns and telling people what to do and whatnot.

''Something you can rely to & identify yourself to'' is not only a way to color-up something, it's a entire lifestyle, I'm hearing here and there that they wish they were livin' in the 80's, what if we seized these years and make them as crazy as it did ? Those 80's guys were originals, so sure it wouldn't be the samething as it did, but the result is what's important, let's make our own ways.

Anyways, share your thougts on these pretty exciting times of rock N roll, & rock hard ride free !
I love music, if music would be a girl then I'd date her, until then let's get back on Earth