Ive decided to move on from my Ibanez days of pratting around with the whammey every 2 seconds and move onto something alittle more powerful and meaningful. I have been torn between the PRS SE Custom and a Schecter guitar for awhile now but never really thought about making a thread on here about it.

There are a few factors which underline my decision:
- Schecter Guitars are no longer on sale in the UK (within my reachable distance) so i would have to order off the web without trying one out first.
- Ive never played a PRS SE Custom or a Schecter guitar of any sort and have only made this decision based on reviews and advice from friends and other guitarists.
- Im moving on from a guitar which I dont particularly like the tremolo of so would rather not go with the FR version of the Hellraiser if I was advised to go with that. Although, I dont mind having the tremolo on the PRS as it is obviously not the same as an FR trem.
- I know PRS have a good background history and many of my friends have decided to go with them in the past, im guessing theres a reason for that...
- I dont have an excessive amount of money but want something I can use for a long time without having regretting the purchase a year or so later.

I would like the opportunity to tune down abit when I want without having to pull out my toolbox (basically what I have to do now). Ive watched some reviews of the PRS on youtube and one video by a guy who had it tuned down running through a Line 6 Spider 212 and it sounded absolutely perfect.

Im not gonna name all the bands and guitarists I attempt to play music by however heres a few examples to help you advise me on my decision; John Petrucci, Marco Sfogli, InMe, Breaking Benjamin, Between The Buried And Me and obviously guys like Satch and Gilbert but everybody says them...

Anyways, thanks for whatever help you can give and I hope to hear from you soon.

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although i wouldnt know much about the schecter, the SE custom is a fantastic guitar in my opinon. every time i stop at guitar center i play one. that would be my ideal next guitar.
dude schecters are ****ing amazing guitars even tho lower price ones are of amazing quality and sound. i think the pickups would be to hot for some of what you play but that can be compensated for. the prs is nice aswell but the schecter has a more ibanez like feel and construction so you will still feel "at home" with it much sooner than with the prs as prs have complelty diff necks. i have a c7 hellraiser and the neck is as thin if not thinner than my jackson or it is about the same as an ibanez RG1570 for comparison. but imo id say schecter by far.

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Go with the schecter c-1 vine of life inlay. It's around $700 american. It's sick.
Schecter seems like a good choice then, only problem is getting hold of one over the internet and I wont be able to try one out... Unless I get my local music store to order one in for me for an extra cost. I do like the look of the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 simply because of its Ibanez looks but again, I wont be able to try one out and its gonna be abit of a bugger trying to order one when not many of the US suppliers ship to the UK now a days.

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It sounds to me like you would be better off with a PRS, but at that level a Schecter would be better value.
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The only PRS SE series guitar that I have ever liked is the Singlecut.

All of the SE Customs that I've played have felt almost toy-like. They are a little on the overpriced side also (as are Schecters on you side of the pond).

I'd suggest going for the Washburn X200 Pro-E.
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