So, ive been playing guitar for about a year now, and all i know about music theory is a little bit about keys and the pentatonic scales, and i really want to know more, but i cant seem to get myself to study this subject. What mostly puts me down is, that i cant find a lot of information in one place, so i have to jump from site to site to learn a little bit about this and that, so its really confuzing. I would apreciate it if you would post a link to a site that has everything explaines from A to Z, starting with the basics and progresing in more dificult and in depth stuff. The reason im asking is that im going on holiday for a couple of weeks on monday, and since theres no net there, and i forgot to visit the library, i probably wont have much to so i figured i can at least study some theory.

Thank you!
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
go to www.ultimate-guitar.com
click on "forums"
click on "musician talk"
k thx!

btw, start with whats in the sticky, once you're done reading and understand, absorbing and applying everything in there someone can surely link you to somewhere with more theory.
If you want to find all the information in one place, a book would do you good. I'd recommend The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory; it has great information as well as lots of practice so you learn to apply the concepts.