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Anyways, I'm really loving this band. Some select songs:

Sex Changes
Girl Anachronism
Coin-Operated Boy
Science Fiction Double Feature (Rocky Horror)
In The Flesh (Pink Floyd)
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I've got a couple of their albums, and they weren't bad on Jools Holland but I've never really listened that much.
I used to listen to Yes Virginia a lot but just kind of stopped one day, might be worth having a look for it and start listening again. Used to love the song Half Jack as well..
Shores of California is a pretty brilliant song. I really dig that one. I listen to 'em every now and then. Not my favorite, but certainly a damn good band.
I got into them a while back.. but will admit that they're a bit of an odd little band, possibly a little too far towards burlesque for some peoples' tastes. On the other hand, the self-concious OTT nature of the music means that the live shows are pretty damn awesome.. guaranteed good night out, with great showmanship.

But yeah - not musically brilliant by my standards but I rate them pretty highly because they're jolly fun :p
My friend burned a CD for me a few weeks ago, and it had one of their songs on it. 'Missed me' it was.
I don't know, i kinda like their sound because it's different
We're just dancing
We're just hugging,singing, screaming, kissing, tugging
On the sleeve of how it used to be
One thing about their albums - the productions is really amateur sounding. The vocals would benefit from someone riding the volume control or gently compressing the whole thing.
They're one of those bands where some of their stuff is really good, but some of it makes me want to shoot myself.

An example. "Sing" is one of the prettiest songs I've ever heard, but "Coin-Operated Boy" is one of the most annoying songs I've ever heard.

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Yeah, some of their...quirky songs can get on your nerves but I guess it's those songs that set them apart...or something.
For me it just depends what mood I'm in if I can listen to those songs or not.