I just started learning guitar, and so i bought a new one just recently. Im not completely sure, but i think the action on my guitar is waaaaayyy high. I tried measuring it at the 12th fret, and that kinda confirmed my suspicions (tho im not 100% sure or anything). I just wanted to know if there is anything i can do about it...? Im kinda scared i'll break the guitar if i try to file down the bridge by myself..but i also dont want to spend a lot of money having it fixed. If i just leave my guitar the way it is, would that be bad? or would i just end up with really busted up fingers? could someone who knows guitar better than me give me some advice on what i could do? and is it possible to be succesful in playing, even with such high action?

is it starter pack guitar?
no offence, but im assuming your being paranoid ;]
Quote by xConverge
is it starter pack guitar?
no offence, but im assuming your being paranoid ;]

lol, none taken. i might be paranoid...maybe
but, no, its not a starter pack guitar.
Remember that acoustics have thicker strings and higher actions than most electrics so if you come from that background you might just be suffering a bit because of change. Show is to an acoustic guitarist and he'll have an informed opinion.
my tech is constantly trying to raise my action. high action is tuff to play but sounds better then low. It depends on what you are playing, lead with lagatio(sp?) or chugging or rhythm. He is constantly raising it a bit...bastard but he is right. it sounds better
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