hey guys, I have a 2008 us standard strat with a fender blues junior. the main type of stuff i play pretty diverse ranging from hendrix, clapton, srv, gnr, velvet revolver, and brown sounded van halen and even sometimes metalica

I'm looking at the following gear to get the sound i want, first of all i will be replacing the bridge single coil with a DiMarzio Chopper if u dont already know its a humbucker in the size of a single coil. This should look after all my brown sound/slash influenced stuff distortion stuff.

i will also be adding the following pedals
- geranium fuzz
- silicone fuzz
- octave fuzz
- vibe
- wah
- distortion (i already have a boss ds-1 but will this cut it for the slash/brown sound stuff or should i get a brownie poedal or something like that?

- all of which i plan to buy true bypass, but my issue is, since the fender blues junior doesnt have a fx loop, do you think it is neccessary to buy one of those fx loop pedals where you hook up all ure pedals to that loop and then connect to the amp? will it make any difference?

will i be able to get the sounds im looking for with this setup?

finally, what should be the order of those effect i just mentioned?

Thanks guys