Ok so here is the thing, I play mostly metal (trash/death/prog...) , some rock, grunge and stuff like that and i cant get the distortion sound i want.
So obviously the first thing that came to my mind was a distortion pedal, I dont have one so my distortion right now is my Marshall AVT OD channel and there are a few pedals I have in mind:

Tonebone Hot British/Plexitube - Tow friends of mine are using these and they are very pleased with it, I played it myself and it does sound good, although not quite amazing as you would expect for its price and the great reviews but that might be changed with some tunning- lots of features in there (and there are 2 channels in the plexitube- 100$ more).

Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Mayhem - There's an official video from seymour duncan for this pedal and I have to say it sounds great (very heavy sound) in that video but I bearly got anything more than that on it, so if anyone has more knowledge about it I would like to know how is it. I also think it might be a problem playing rock with it unlike the tonebone but Im not sure thats an issue coz i play mostly metal.

Vox Bulldog Distortion - Well thats just another pedal I thought I should look into, sounds nice on the internet and it seems versatile with 2 channels. There are pretty good reviews, most of them atleast...

Another thought that went through my head is my guitar, Im playing a 92 Gibson SG Special which is great and i love it and I know it plays everything but its not much of a metal guitar... so maybe thats my problem, i dunno.

I would like to see some opinions before Im buying a 200-300$ pedal that might not do the job for me.

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Well as far as I know the AVT is a solid state amp with a 12AX7 pre amp valve in it, I would like to think of it as better than the MG's and - It sounds much better in my opinion and its also made in England and not in India like those MG's.

However its still not a tube amp and as I suspected you all just reply like "You need a new amp...". But I dont think Im gonna put loads of money on a new fancy tube amp right now so if you got any better advice, that would be really nice.

You know, not all tube amps are uber expensive.

I just don't see the point in buying a 200-300 dollar pedal that's only going to marginally improve your tone. The AVT isn't really suited for metal.

I'd rather spend 500 bucks, and get an amp that's actually voiced correctly for what you play, like a Randall RG50TC.
Alright, from the way you see it you are definitely right...
But I have some kind of a different problem, that 500-600$ randall is a nice deal, but the problem is that where i live tube amps cost s*** loads of money for no reason, I have no idea why its like that, but that randall costs somthing like 1400 here and thats somthing like hmm 7 pedals?

By the way do you really think that even a good pedal cant make a difference with my AVT? Its still not such a bad amp you know... i think