After it healed were you able to play guitar like you used to? Were you slightly worse? Could you not play at all and have to relearn the instrument? Was it your fretting hand? I'm wondering because I like to skateboard and most injuries I see on skateboards are wrist injuries. Most of my friends have broken atleast one of their wrists, or fingers. So I'm wondering if that'll greatly affect my guitar playing.
one of my mates broke a finger and couldnt play the same
it lead him to stopping but he wasnt that into it
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i didn't break my hand but a year or so ago i got a really bad jammed finger and couldn't play for almost two weeks. the knuckle is still slightly larger than the rest and i cant fully straighten it but it doesn't bother me at all now when i play. i may have arthritis at 40 from it but i can still jam
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i've broken my wrist (while dislocating it at the same time) on my strumming hand and nothing bothers it
i have a friend who got his lower arm ripped apart in a car accident and still plays, so im sure a wrist injury wont do much after it heals.
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You will lose your ability to play....forever

It's true. Happened to a friend of a friend of mine.
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i have a friend who got his lower arm ripped apart in a car accident and still plays, so im sure a wrist injury wont do much after it heals.

ironic i have tendonitus and that is seriously affecting my playing lol
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avoid skating as much as possible...

haha thats how i broke my wrist
I broke my ring finger on my fretting hand. Now it is bent slightly past the last knuckle so after it healed I had a hell of a time relearning my muscle memory of chords and such because I fret the string as close to the fret as possible (I think that is recommend, am I wrong?) and it was bent just enough so my finger went past the fret and I played the wrong note. Sucked balls. Still does.

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dude unless you break your finger for more then 3 months it shouldn't be a problem. I had back surgery this year and couldn't play for 3 months and then I couldn't bend but after about two weeks of practice I was back to normal.
I broke the thumb of my fretting hand about seven years ago and it still hurts to this day if i play for too long
i quit skateboarding for guitar. not really for guitar but i used to skate all the time and now its just guitar.
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Well, I broke a metacarpal in my picking hand in January. It really didn't even hurt, and honestly I would have been able to carry on with playing. However, I still went to the hospital and they equipped my hand with a cast. It was extremely difficult to try to maneuver my hand to play guitar with the cast on. However, I still played guitar, just different material than usual. The cast actually helped me learn to sweep pick somewhat, too. I believe my playing has recovered, as I have been able to play much more technical stuff since then. I had the cast on for about 5 weeks, it may have been another 5 weeks after until I really was competent in playing again.
I dislocated my pinky, but it didn't heal back properly, so now it's at a slight angle. I can no longer bar more than 3 strings with my pinky, which is irrelevant most of the time anyway, but it's a pain to play a run of power chords in drop D with a bent pinky. Plus, I've lost a small amount of reach. Overall, it hasn't effected my playing too much.
^ The same exact thing happened to me. Dislocated it playing basketball, and never got it put back properly. It really doesn't have a huge affect now, but I am worried about arthritis later in life.
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i broke my wrist pretty badly in a fourwheeling accident years ago, i was supposed to have prosthetic bone put in, but it "healed correctly". to this day, im still not able to strech out my hand or play as fast as i used to.
I only see it as being a question about your determination around playing guitar, I have sprained knuckles and minor damages on the sinews in my picking-hand (thank god it's only there :O) but it doesn't really do any difference know for the matter, never really did because i just felt like playing no matter what. and my little finger (yes, i don't know hat it's called:P) gets locked in the middlejoint when i try to put onto the fretboard, but that is a pain i have learned to ignore, might not be good for the finger, and sometimes you end up making minor mistakes, but nothing killing, so i think that even though you break something you will still be capable of playing if you are determined on playing
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