Leopard kicks crocodile ass and takes crocodile names

I saw it in the Daily Mirror, and it is THE most inspiring story I've ever seen, lol.

What happened was, in some African Game Reserve, a Leopard launched a surprise attack on a crocdile. This is the FIRST recorded incident of a Leopard beating a croc and not vice versa, of which there are plenty of examples. It came flying out of the bushes, dragged the croc out of the water and proceeded to hand it a beatdown. It was the captions on the photos that made the story for me.

"In previous encounters, the leopard would be mincemeat": This was the moment my respect for that ballsy leopard was formed. He's decided to take a stand for leopardkind, and tell the croc population that you don't mess with the Lep's foo'.

"The meat gained from a crocodile is simply not enough to warrant the risk for a predator.": So that means this was PURELY a REVENGE ATTACK! The leopard came out of the bushes with the SOLE intention of handing some crocodile its ass! I am overwhelmed by respect for the bigcat by this point

Crocodile's weigh up to 1200kg : Leopard's weigh something like less than a tenth of that. There were more stats, but I can't remember them verbatim. Rest assured that the Leopard was VASTLY outweighed on paper.

I thought I'd share this story with you, as it is without a doubt the best story I have ever seen in a newspaper.

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there was a thread with the pictures earlier so use the searchbar
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there was a thread with the pictures earlier so use the searchbar

I've searched through like the first 6 pages tonight and didn't see anything
man that leopard is a hero in my eyes lol.
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Judging by the size of that croc, it's nowhere near 1200kg. Assuming that's a Nile crocodile, a good sized adult weighs in at 500kg, and that's at a length of around 4 metres. Looking at the other pictures, it's about the same length as the leopard, so really, it's a wuss of a crocodile.

Although the revenge thing is f*cking cool. Then again, not as cool as the honey badger:

If bitten by a puff adder, one of the the honey badger's preferred venomous snakes, it will become paralyzed for several hours. Once its paralysis has subsided, the honey badger will continue with its meal or resume its journey. Even more tenaciously, a honey badger will gladly steal a snake's kill, eat it for itself then continue to hunt the snake. This ferocious nature of the badger has earned it its image as a formidable creature.
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i saw that in the paper this morning, it was pretty cool. that leopard must have been hungry
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i saw that in the paper this morning, it was pretty cool. that leopard must have been hungry

Dude, didn't you READ the thing?

It stated that it couldn't have been for meat, because it would have been pointless, as theres like, no meat on a crocodile. IT WAS OUT OF BR00TAL REVENGE. NYAH.
Ok, I didn't use the searchbar to search :embarrassed face:, but I wasn't actively searching for THIS story. I had been through the first 6 odd pages, and hadn't seen that story. I just remembered it suddenly, and decided to post it.

BESIDES! my post DID have more info in it...?
That's a BAMF of a cat. I bet it eats honey badgers for elevenses, then spends the rest of the day working out and hitting his wife. Yea!

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