in paul gilbert's video for "technical difficulties" in a studio, i see that when he does the intro it looks like the strings don't move much. however, when i play it, the strings move so much that it is hard to play consistently. does paul gilbert have a higher string tension so they do not move as much? i have a fender standard fat strat with fender bullet strings
If your tuned up correctly, I don't think you should have a problem.
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old strings maybe? They don't contain as much tension as new strings.

I'd have to go with this.

On my guitar, my strings were old and bouncing around like yours, and after I changed them they were WAY better than before...more tension and easier to play.
oh ok can you suggest any good strings for rock and metal style music?
^I think the string gauge is a little more important than the company. You won't notice a playability difference between Ernie Ball 10s and D'Addario 10s.
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yea I would have to say make sure you're in tune, if it continues make sure your strings aren't old as ****.
change your strings as everyone has recommended, and if you still feel like you want more tension, maybe move up to a higher gauge string. I don't know about his gear, but Paul Gilbert may also use longer scale guitars than you. There's not much you can do about that.
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