hey everyone. just wanted to get your opinions on your favorite strat color and pickguard with a maple neck. I am trying to get ideas.

please let me know what you think and post pictures if you want

thanks guys!
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white, with a black pickguard
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Vintage white with a greenish pickguard. Like almost a mossy white. http://youtube.com/watch?v=b-e-aU29dcE

Or black with black guard and vintage maple neck.

or dark sunburst with rosewood.
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my favorite strat is mine because I customized it to my specs.

transparent crimson finish (nitrocellulose)
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Black strat accessory kit
rosewood fretboard
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Cream with a mint-green pickguard, and a rosewood fretboard.
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i have a brown sunburst which is beautiful but i've always wanted a tobacco sunburst

EDIT: both with black pickguards and rosewood fingerboards.
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