So I'm trying to make a few bucks by playing Classic Rock in a 50's themed Ice Cream Shop. What songs would sound good for solo piano? It doesn't have to be 50's, 60's would be alright also. It needs to be upbeat, today was my first day and they complained that it sounded too 'classical' and not upbeat enough.
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Rockabilly. Elvis, Stray Cats, Eddie Cochran...Chuck Berry might work, though it might sound a bit empty without a guitar.
The Killer,Jerry Lee Lewis or up tempo songs from Billy Joel(Still rock and Roll to me,etc.)
Chuck Berry would definitely work... his guitar playing was just boogie woogie piano on a different instrument.

Some Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, etc. would work too. A lot of the 50s stuff was boogie woogie and would be perfect for solo piano.
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Jerry lee lewis man fo sho. great balls of fire is great.

Little Richard's stuff like tutti fruitti and good golly miss molly.
CCR's Travelin' Band would be awesome in a solo piano arrangement.

John Lee Hooker's song Boom Boom would be cool too. The Animals did a more 50s rock and roll cover of it that would lend itself better to a solo piano arrangement.
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Little Richard's stuff like tutti fruitti and good golly miss molly.

Mmm yes. Do Little Richard
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