I recently came across some videos of Andy McKee on Youtube, and I was wondering what it takes to get your Fingers to communicate together. I want some advice as what I should Focus on. I'm 17 yrs old and have played for 2 years and I've gotten use to the form of finger picking and Now I want find a way to practice thats interesting and can help me "progress" even further down the road.
I'm assuming you saw drifting and such?
I'm attempting to learn that now and have been told that if you practice just the right hand tapping first and when you get that good, move onto the left hand and the percussive things.
It seemed to work for the guy who learnt it in a week.

If you meant like for my father, that just takes practice. I found that breaking it into sections was the best way for me .
Hope that helps
Its Getting Better All The Time