Yes...I really like what Ive heard from Joni. I just now really started to get into her music and lyrics. Ive got her greatest hits CD. I pretty much love every song on the album. I didnt realize that she wrote "Woodstock" Up untill a few weeks ago. Any other suggestions of what CD/songs I should check out.

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I'm definitely a fan of Joni Mitchell's music. I've just recently been exposed to her music but I like what I'm hearing. I'll have to check out Ladies of the Canon like Heartbreaker said.
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I really love the album "Blue". I get a lot of stick for liking her music, but she's great. I haven't listened to her in a while though.
yeah, yeah. this thread is old. whatever. it doesn't matter because Blue is in my top 5 albums from the 70s.
^I'd happily go along with that. The women is extremely talented.
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I like her but i dont really listen to her
This flight tonight is a good song (i like the chord progression)
Court and Spark is an excellent album, beginning to end. Perfect for chill Sunday mornings, or whenever the mood strikes...
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