a couple years back i bought a dunlop crybaby from hell for my guitar, when i plugged it in it sounded good, but sometimes it would fade and overall the sound that it was giving was unsatisfactory to say the least.

Being the newb i was i though this was the way the pedal should have been and i just got ripped off.. but now after playing several crybabys i realize that my pedal was never working right in the first place

by now its way out of warranty and ive got nothing to lose by trying to fix it so my question is is that what do you think is wrong with it?

it sounds faint when i turn it on and hisses constantly through my amp and also when i use it for about 10 minutes it will stop making the faint sounding wah and then will simply become unresponsive so when i push it it just hisses and makes a pop every time i click down the pedal. all the knobs work well because they effect the faint wah sound just fine.

another question: can i take this into guitar center and get it fixed?

if so, how much will that cost me?

thanks in advance
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IF you could get it fixed it'd probs set you back $30-$50? I'd say around that....
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Sounds to me like it needs a new wah pot, I currently have the same problem with my V847.
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Does anyone have any schematics diagrams that show what the wah pot is and where its located in the pedal?

and does anyone know of any wah pedals that are around 50-75 bucks that are any good incase I can't get it fixed

And if anyone knows if guitar center even does pedal repairs tell me plz
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