Just the beginning Miniute and a half and a bit
Its on my profile
Give it a comment here or there
theres two versions.. one was a week or so ago maybe when i was having extreme trouble with the small riff at the beginning
now i can play it almost perfect. keyword almost.
tell me whatcha think, theres also a drum+bass backtrack
i am trying to get the rest down
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Keep working on it bro. Timing is a bit all over the place at times. Also, try to find another backing track if possible... that high hat sound totally killed it for me lol. Just keep at it... I remember this was probably the first or one of the first songs I started learning when I started playing.
You really need to practice man. Reminds me when i was learning MOP. It was really a pain in the ass. But what I did was to start slow then go fast. That's my advice. You'll get it soon. Just be patient.

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