I got this guitar a few days ago, and I'm not really warming up to it. It was made in 2004 in California. It's in mint condition, no fret wear, dings, etc. The finish is Ruby Burst on a Quilted Maple top, and natural binding. Comes with Molded case. Quality is on par with American made Fenders and G&L's (I own both and can vouch for Carvin's quality). Has coil tapping, phase switch, and the ability to switch between passive and active pickup modes. Comes with molded Carvin case.

I'd be interested in a trade for a good tube amp head or another guitar, or some other kickass gear.


malden stiger prototype. do you know it? check my profile. just one pic. its like a showmaster. i can get more pics. would you be interested?
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tempting to offer my gibson lp studio.
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