Would it be practical to construct a computer interface that had a thick pad slide out of my glove compartment, that unfolded into a keyboard, and a small HD LCD in the flip-down mirror? I could put a powerhouse of a computer in the trunk.. Considering I have a pretty big car.. Or would it just be better to carry my laptop and prop it on my lap?

Anyone have similar ideas?

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It'd be cool, but you'd probably find yourself in a situation where you're doing something, the car stops, and you want to continue what you're doing. On a laptop you can just take it with you, but not with a... car computer?
very Practical, with minimal moniter size, unless there was a way for it to become more compact. I would make sure I had the fastest computer I could find, cause if you in the car you don't want to wait to load a web page or something.
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