Hi everyone. This is my first post, and question, so I'm really sorry if it's stupid.

I just got a Gibson Flying V a while ago. It's one of the faded worn ones with three pickups and a chicken head knob selector. But that's not important. I don't think it is at least.

Ok. So what is important, is that when I first tried the guitar, and I bought it, it was tuned to D standard. I took it home and played it like that, and thought the lower string tension was comfortable, and it sounded bitchin distorted. So I left it like that. Played Mastodon and stuff. The guitar came strung with .10 brite wires.

So I recently got enrolled in a music camp, and I am required to play in E standard. So I tuned back up to E, and I found it really difficult and uncomfortable to play, so I went to my local guitar store and I bought the .09's that I used to use on my Epi Les Paul. That was a really easy guitar to play, and I played it in Eb.

So I put these strings on today, and I've been playing all day to break them in, and there is literally no difference. So what I want to know is, is it the strings, or is the guitar's action too high? I have never had this much trouble playing the guitar, or any guitar that matter, that is except for a Strat. Thank you.

P.S. It doesn't help that I think I might have sprained my right index finger. But I'm sure that doesn't have much to do with this.
Tune down and use the strings gauge and type before and use a capo. Or go lower to 8's.
EDIT: It's not really a stupid question tension drops a lot in half and whole steps, and different brands feel different.
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Thanks but a capo's not really an option for me. I play a lot of leads and I need the whole fretboard lol. .08's might not be a bad idea though. I'll look into that. Thank you very much.
ok but if you got a 24 fret guitar you still have 22 left. you could just use it at music camp or what it is. peace nigga.
i'd switch strings dude. try ernie ball super slinkys. they sound good, easier to bend/play with in standard tuning and i dont have any trouble with them falling outta tune.
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