I've got a Line 6 POD 2.0, great condition, still got the manuals and everything for it. Also got a Boss MT-2 and a Boss CS-2.
Crate Powerblock, still got the box and padded carrying case.

I'll entertain any offers or if you want to flat out buy it let me know and i'll figure prices.
what are you looking to trade the powerblock for??

or how much do you want to sell it for??
i'd consider trading for just about anything, throw it out there.
here's prices for the stuff otherwise
$60 shipped for each pedal and $150 plus shipping for the powerblock (shipping depends on location)
ok im very interested in the crate powerblock,
how does is react with the POD2.0??

do you use AIM?
i might have a few more questions but i dont wanna blow up your thread, lol